About Us

30 yearsEstablished in 1985 as a residential renovation company, Pro-Can Construction Group Corp. had humble beginnings. Its founders, Ben Perez and Tony Alonso, decided to move towards smaller commercial and institutional construction during the Expo 86 in Vancouver. Business grew from there and by the nineties Pro-Can had grown to include much larger jobs in the public and private sector. The company started managing construction and seismic upgrades on libraries, fire halls, community centers, and eventually schools.

At this time the Pro-Can's current owners became involved in the business. Leo Perez began as an on-site carpenter and was quickly promoted to foreman and eventually site superintendent. Sara Pou started work as an administrative assistant in the office but it was clear that her proficiency for communication, organization, and learning would lend themselves better to a position in office management. Both have been dedicated to Pro-Can's success and excellence, and became majority owners in 2009 when Ben and Tony retired. The company had expanded to once again include multi-family residential projects along with its regular commercial and institutional work, and owners Leo and Sara fully understood the significance of adopting sustainable construction practices to help carry the company into the future. In a world where environmental sustainability has become necessity, we at Pro-Can have taken steps to educate ourselves in ecologically-friendly construction practices, including both LEED and Passive House.

As a firm with over thirty years' experience, Pro-Can has the knowledge to ensure both client satisfaction and unparalleled quality of work. Our experience in developing LEED Certified projects has strengthened the value we place on building in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way. We strive to use only the highest quality building materials with the lowest ecological impact - allowing the projects we manage to endure in a changing world. Our extensive expertise allows us to understand and meet our clients' needs throughout the construction process, and we are passionate about client satisfaction.

Our Values

Sustainability: We believe in building for the future. That means using the latest green construction practices and holding all of our projects to the highest environmental standards in the industry.

Service: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to every one of our valued clients.

Quality: Whether it’s a small upgrade or a major overhaul, we believe in using the best quality materials available for all our projects. With our years of experience in public sector construction, we have developed extremely high standards for our work, and we believe that those high standards are paramount to the success of our company.


Construction Manager


Leo began his career with Pro-Can at the young age of 16 with a hard hat on his head and a hammer in his hand. Growing up with the company, Leo has learned the ins and outs of running a construction company from within. Today, Leo oversees the daily operations of every project the company is involved in as Pro-Can’s Construction Manager. From sharpening the pen at the time of Tender, to the initial talks with the client and architect, to closing contracts with Sub-Trades, and throughout the rest of the project, Leo ensures that every project is a success for all. Outside of work, you’ll find Leo enjoying the company of his friends and family, tinkering with anything that has a motor, or spending time with his dog Pascua while hiking the beautiful mountains of North Vancouver.


Executive Manager


Sara’s extensive organizational skills give her the ability to keep Pro-Can’s busy office running smoothly at all times. From day to day, Sara coordinates the needs of Pro-Can’s construction teams at various job sites, all while responding diligently to all of our clients’ requests. As Executive Manager, Sara's extensive responsibilities include Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Continuing Education, Health and Safety, and IT. In addition, she also works as a Project Manager on various appointed projects. When not at work, Sara is at her happiest when she’s dancing Cuban Salsa in two different performance teams, teaching Cuban Salsa with her spouse on Commercial Drive, spending time with her daughters, or practicing yoga and Pilates.


Senior Project Manager


Marco began his career over 25 years ago as a carpenter.  Early on Marco found his passion in Project Management and  continued his career along that path. While bringing a wealth of knowledge, commitment and expertise to the team in various types of construction development, he believes that work ethic, quality and relationship building are key components to completing a successful project. Marco has worked mostly in the commercial construction sector, completing  projects from large to small scale including Tenant Improvements, Retail, Casino, Health Care, School, and Government construction projects.

When he’s not at work, Marco enjoys going to the gym, playing hockey, golfing, spending time with his family or large group of friends.


Site Superintendent


Born in Almonte, Ontario, Mike graduated from Science Technology and Trades and proceeded to complete the Carpentry Apprenticeship with St. Lawrence Seaway Authority. After working in Ontario for several years, he moved west to Manitoba and worked in the mine industry for a while, eventually leaving the north to build new schools and work on school modernizations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mike made his way to the Lower Mainland some twenty five years ago and has since worked for several General Contractors, with a main focus on school construction, Tenant Improvements, Bridge construction and several Industrial buildings. Mike has two grown children and up until recently he played recreational hockey and curling.


Site Superintendent


In both work and life, Patrick is a strong believer in honesty, compassion, hard work, and fairness. His work ethic and commitment to integrity have helped him build strong relationships with staff, tradespeople, and clients. Patrick is also a gifted problem solver, and enjoys using these skills to help both the company and its clients. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Patrick enjoying time with his wife and children, exploring the great outdoors of our beautiful province, or keeping up with various sports activities (as long as his body allows him).


Site Superintendent


From his early days as a labourer sweeping the floor at construction sites, Matt has built his skill set from the ground up. After working in a wide range of construction jobs over the last few decades, Matt has become a master with machinery of all types, from hand tools to heavy machines. Whether it’s an excavator or a theodolite, chances are Matt can operate it. As Site Superintendent, Matt has developed a unique ability to visualize the outcome of any design, which makes him an expert at turning any project from a sketch into a reality. And when he’s finished pouring over drawings and cracking jokes at the job site, Matt is not the type to sit still long. Whether he’s flying himself to remote airstrips, traveling to new scuba diving locations all around the world, or hiking with his snowboard to find the freshest lines, Matt always finds exciting ways to stay active and explore new places.


Junior Site Superintendent


Starting out as a humble labour over 20 years ago, Ryan has used hard work, sheer determination and a keen eye for problem solving, to help complete many various types of construction projects. Trade Certified in different areas and a passion to learn more of the intricacies of the construction process have allowed him to better understand the different types of work that is needed to help put forth the best product. From the mapping out of details on the plans, to the construction of the buildings themselves, Ryan is always ready with a helping hand or a helpful solution. A firm believer in Teamwork, he will always let a voice be heard, no matter who it is, right down to the newest member of his team. It has helped him form close working relationships with all that are involved in the construction of projects. Whether the project is big or small, if it is summer or winter, Ryan always tackles the project with the same intensity and determination as the last. When not at work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and exploring what the different areas around Vancouver has to offer.


Junior Project Manager


Jean’s extensive experience in construction industry and his education in civil engineering has made him an integral part of Pro-Can Construction’s growth and development over the years. Jean is currently registered as an Engineer in Training with the Association of Professional Engineers of BC, and makes excellent use of his engineering knowledge in his work as Project Coordinator. Extremely adaptable and flexible, Jean is fluent in both English and French, and is also proficient in computer application. When he’s not at work, Jean keeps up a number of hobbies including playing several musical instruments (guitar, piano, and drums), swimming, watching sports, reading Science Fiction books, and playing video games.


Project Coordinator


Taira has a passion for construction project management which has been acquired through a comprehensive work history in the construction industry and an education in Business Administration. Work experience ranging from sales of tools/equipment, equipment repair, and as a Site Foreman, Taira has gained knowledge and first-hand experience to help shape his future career. With his strong work ethic and determined personality, Taira is working towards becoming a Project Manager in the future.

In his free time, some things Taira enjoys are watching hockey, working out at the gym, and hiking outdoors whenever he can.


Junior Project Coordinator


Since his childhood, Praise has always been fascinated with building and creating things. This fascination led him to pursue a career in Civil Engineering for his Bachelor’s Degree. Gaining some work experience in structural design and construction management coupled with a strong passion for the construction industry and sustainability made him acquire a Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia in Project and Construction Management. This reinforced his knowledge of the field and made him more versatile with project management concepts and tools. Being a fast learner and having a strong eagerness to learn, Praise hopes to work hard to become a Project Manager in the coming years handling a range of both small and complex projects. When not at work, Praise likes to hang out with friends, play video games and read motivational books.


Administrative Assistant


Whether she’s at home or at work, Leonora is definitely someone you’d call a “numbers person.” As Administrative Assistant, she keeps Pro-Can’s team together by providing professional administrative support to the organization and making sure all of our numbers add up right. Her roles include overseeing payroll and accounts payable, as well as working hard to ensure the whole organization runs smoothly and efficiently. Outside of the office, Leonora keeps her mind active through word puzzles and Sudoku, and also keeps her body active by playing tennis and badminton.